As the transition to digital accelerates, Maverick’s technology and content team has the skills and expertise to help you keep pace with this transformation across all segments and functions of your organization. Taking into account the unique organizational and infrastructure constraints of your business, we follow a data-driven approach to derive meaningful insights and deliver creative and well-evidenced recommendations to drive operational efficiency, identify new partners and technologies, and enhance user/customer experience.

We can assist at all stages of your content, product and platform development process with a team-based approach. Drawing on our micro- and macro- level view of the publishing industry’s emerging trends, we ensure that you get the most value for your money and achieve maximum return on your investment.

Digital Transformation

  • Change management.
  • Internal communication and engagement strategy.
  • Platform analysis and migration support.
  • Product evaluation and development.
  • Development and implementation roadmaps.
  • Risk analysis and cost vs benefit analysis.

Vendor Evaluation and RFP

  • Requirements gathering and prioritization.
  • Generating the RFP.
  • Vendor assessment and selection.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Implementation support.

Production and Editorial Workflow Support

  • Current processes and workflows analysis across content and
    data delivery.
  • Content and metadata analysis and remediation advice.
  • Cost base and sourcing strategies.
  • Organizational structure review and skills audit.
  • Marc record development.

Project Management

  • Waterfall and agile project methodologies.
  • Managing complex, multifaceted projects from initiation through to final delivery.
  • Developing business cases and controlling budget and resources and timeline.
  • Overseeing risk and issue management.
  • Working as part of a project team or as project lead.

For more details, see the Technology & Content Service Sheets.

Workflow Integration and Automation

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Vendor Evaluation and RFP Support

Platform Migration Tool Kit

Content Services & Advice

Accessibility Program

Product Development

Scholarly SEO Support

Metadata and SEO Services