Michelle Urberg

Affiliate Associate, Metadata Expert

Michelle is a publishing professional and trained librarian and musicologist, whose expertise encompasses end-to-end metadata standards use, creation, and conversion. She has conducted research studies to improve customer engagement with scholarly outputs in digital platforms and to assess the state of the field for digital scholarship and digital humanities. Her work focuses on addressing the customer need for better metadata in strategizing realistic solutions. She is adept at meeting researchers’ needs for enhancing their scholarly footprint.

Before becoming a consultant, Michelle was a metadata librarian for the ExLibris business unit of ProQuest. Her work encompassed metadata transformation at scale (including KBART and XML), MARC cataloging at scale, developing metadata creation workflows, and managing open access metadata across multiple platforms. Michelle has deep knowledge of metadata, analytics, and principles governing discovery.

Michelle has a special interest in music, video, and non-traditional scholarly formats. She is intimately familiar with the challenges of finding music and video for research. Recent projects have focused on two key gaps in streaming video content creation: identifying options for standard identifiers and enhancing metadata produced for access and discovery.