Henry Pettit

Senior Associate

Henry joins Maverick with 25 years’ worth of experience at management level in business intelligence and news publishing, as well as collective rights management and copyright licensing.

Henry joined NLA media access in 2016 as Head of Sales and Licensing, NLA is a publisher owned rights licensing and publisher services business, representing newspapers and magazines in the UK. Henry project managed the design, price modelling, and launch of a brand-new simplified copyright licence, while also driving the licensing revenues through 4 years of unprecedented growth to £40 million per year. He was also responsible for NLA’s licensing of schools, FE, and HE education sector in the UK, involving sector partnerships with the likes of CLA, and multi-year government contracts. His experience of content licensing, serving publisher bottom lines, as well as content management database solutions, could serve publishers, collective rights owners and media monitoring organisations well.

Prior to that Henry was Managing Director for Russia’s Interfax News Agency in London.  With a successful sales career established, including 4 years running the Hong Kong office, Henry spearheaded the London sales team which was primarily involved with selling subscriptions to business and financial news products to corporate subscribers, in banking, government, and corporate sectors such as oil and gas.  He also pioneered growth in Interfax’s compliance and anti-money laundering due diligence database service.

Henry brings to a Maverick a wealth of experience in B2B publishing strategy development, operational management and business transformation.  This also includes extensive outsourcing sales projects, which he can also offer to Maverick’s clients.