Carey Chapman

Affiliate Associate, Technology and Content

Carey has over 25 years’ experience of developing publishing programmes and launching new initiatives across STM and professional settings ranging from the large international corporate to the small not-for-profit.

As Content Development Manager at The Institution of Engineering and Technology, she oversaw the launch of its first open-access journal options for new and existing titles, coordinating the industry-wide preparatory research, internal publishing, production, financial and marketing requirements, and identifying which functions were best provided by external expert partners.

As a STM Publisher, her achievements included creating start-up programmes that catered for practitioner, as well as academic, scientists, including the successful forensic science programme at Academic Press. A large part of her career has involved developing major reference programmes, often from initial market research through commissioning, editorial development, and coordination with online and print production and marketing through to product release. She expanded the European-based side of Academic Press’ major reference works programme from an initial one or two titles to a list covering all areas in which the company published. Following the acquisition of AP by Elsevier, as Director of Major Reference Works, she led the change-management team that consolidated the merged company’s reference programmes, migrating all products to the ScienceDirect platform, establishing a common workflow across international editorial teams, and creating new online business propositions.In her time spent working with major providers of practitioner law solutions, Carey further developed her market research skills, contributing to her passion for ensuring that products and services continue to be optimally matched to customer needs.

Her strengths include: identification of opportunities for new products backed by sound customer and end-user research; refocussing of established product lines to aid the changing challenges facing customers and to offer appropriate pricing models; working with publishing/production teams to adopt new processes and workflows to improve productivity and service quality, and to migrate to new formats.