Alexa Dugan

Senior Associate

Alexa has over 30 years strategic product management and marketing experience in the publishing industry. She has worked at a senior level at John Wiley & Sons where she responded to changing market needs and opportunities with the development of new marketing organisations, teams and strategies, including the launch of a Campaign Management Team responsible for managing digital campaigns across the Wiley business. She has worked extensively with societies to help develop their journal portfolio marketing strategies, and with a proven background in both B2C and B2B marketing she has experience of developing and managing campaigns across all digital channels.

Alexa has a deep interest in driving innovation and creativity to help develop marketing strategies that are result driven, as well as how to deploy automation and optimization to drive efficiency.

Prior to her career in publishing Alexa worked in scientific research and the scientific equipment industry. More recently she moved into Environmental, Social, Governance project management, where she was responsible for manging environmental impact measurement and ESG ratings including the Carbon Disclosure Project, business and investor ratings such as MSCi, S&P and EcoVardis, and Wiley’s carbon footprint measurement.