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AI Efficiencies to Optimize Workflow from Submission to Publication: 3 Case Studies

Recently, the SSP hosted a webinar on how AI can improve efficiencies and optimise workflows in scholarly publishing. Avi Staiman (Academic Language Experts) hosted the event and was joined by key players in the industry, including Sarah Taylor (Springer Nature), Julia Kostova (Frontiers), Hong Zhou (Wiley Partner Solutions), and Dustin Smith (Hum). As you might […]

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Accessible eBooks, intentional workflow

Digital content is increasingly coming under fire for its accessibility – or lack thereof. However, legislation in the United States, together with legislative developments in Europe, means that digital content must be usable by all people, including those with disabilities. So, time for a rethink. Businesses – in particular, publishers – are looking for ways […]

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Sustainability in Scholarly Publishing

A Maverick Panel Discussion Maverick continues its Sustainability series with a new panel discussion tailored to scholarly publishing. Sustainability is a widely used term that has broad implications across all industries, as reflected in the wide-ranging UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Scholarly publishers support sustainability goals but often struggle with ways of operationalizing them in […]

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