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Diamond open access in Latin America: the challenge of a sustainable publishing model

It is no secret that access to scientific information and publishing in certain journals is not equally distributed across the globe. Open Access has been adopted more or less extensively in different regions, and some countries have developed in-house solutions to assure the visibility of their scientific production through community-owned infrastructure. In Latin America, the […]

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Accessible eBooks, intentional workflow

Digital content is increasingly coming under fire for its accessibility – or lack thereof. However, legislation in the United States, together with legislative developments in Europe, means that digital content must be usable by all people, including those with disabilities. So, time for a rethink. Businesses – in particular, publishers – are looking for ways […]

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Operationalizing DEIA in your publishing organization

The specific context of publishing is one which calls on publishers to not just improve the diversity of their workforce, but to also pay careful attention to what and how they publish. But publishers face major challenges when working to operationalize and implement the changes they need to make. Research tells us that – although […]

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