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A researcher’s perspective on research integrity

Maverick continues its series on Research Integrity with a post by Senior Associate Gareth Dyke that examines the importance of communication between publishers and researchers in preventing unintentional research integrity issues. The case of the Russian fossil brain Issues in research integrity have always been problematic for publishers. Of course, nobody wants to publish a […]

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Image manipulation – we can tell when you’re faking it.

Maverick continues its series on Research Integrity in scholarly publishing with a new whitepaper from Affiliate Senior Associate, Matthew Salter, Ph.D. that examines the issue of image manipulation in research. A downloadable version of the whitepaper is available here.  In recent months the issue of image manipulation has returned to prominence in mainstream news media, […]

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A mine of information – why TDM presents a challenge for publishers

Publishers and information specialists can’t have failed to notice that AI has been all over the news the past few weeks. From debate about ChatGPT being able to deliver a reasonably standard undergrad essay, to artists’ and writers’ concerns about copyright issues as other AI systems scrape their work to produce mashups for other users, […]

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Octopus – the new service for researchers

JISC and The UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) have launched an interesting new service for researchers. JISC recently hosted a very helpful webinar to introduce Octopus and Maverick’s Jayne Marks provides some background and her thoughts from the session. Octopus aims to provide an open platform for researchers to record the essential elements of their research […]

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