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Fostering community engagement in scholarly publishing

Scholarly publishing has always created a forum for a variety of stakeholders that play a vital role in the community. As the industry has evolved, so too have the relationships publishers have with members of the community. These changes can be transformative, offering opportunities as well as challenges in meeting mutual needs. Recognizing and embracing […]

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Image manipulation – we can tell when you’re faking it.

Maverick continues its series on Research Integrity in scholarly publishing with a new whitepaper from Affiliate Senior Associate, Matthew Salter, Ph.D. that examines the issue of image manipulation in research. A downloadable version of the whitepaper is available here.  In recent months the issue of image manipulation has returned to prominence in mainstream news media, […]

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Accessible eBooks, intentional workflow

Digital content is increasingly coming under fire for its accessibility – or lack thereof. However, legislation in the United States, together with legislative developments in Europe, means that digital content must be usable by all people, including those with disabilities. So, time for a rethink. Businesses – in particular, publishers – are looking for ways […]

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Global distribution options for US-based small publishers, university presses, societies & associations

Maverick Senior Associate, Michael Geelan, argues that there has never been a better moment for small presses and not-for-profits to review their approach to reaching and servicing customers located outside North America. In a new whitepaper for Maverick, Michael reflects upon the limitations to expansion of the past and argues that, today, the pandemic-driven explosion […]

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