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The value of research in serving your stakeholders

Maverick recently introduced its Community Engagement initiative to help publishers, societies, and associations facilitate interaction among stakeholders. In a new post for Maverick, Senior Associate Minty Colquhoun examines how qualitative and quantitative market research can be used to develop deeper connections with constituents in the publishing cycle. To build purposeful and sustainable scholarly communities, it […]

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A mine of information – why TDM presents a challenge for publishers

Publishers and information specialists can’t have failed to notice that AI has been all over the news the past few weeks. From debate about ChatGPT being able to deliver a reasonably standard undergrad essay, to artists’ and writers’ concerns about copyright issues as other AI systems scrape their work to produce mashups for other users, […]

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Insights on the 2023 publishing landscape

Maverick’s comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the scientific and scholarly publishing ecosystem provides a unique perspective of the micro and macro trends impacting the market.  We have identified several key factors behind the shifts within the market that fall under the ‘megatrends’ of Sustainability and Digital Transformation. These trends can include pathways to implementing […]

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