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Librarian engagement – Why and how to collaborate effectively

Maverick recently introduced its Community Engagement initiative to help publishers, societies, and associations facilitate interaction among stakeholders. In a new post for Maverick, Senior Associate Jenny Drey examines how effective engagement with academic libraries carries benefits across the entire research cycle, including publishers, librarians, and researchers. The academic library is not just a repository, a service, or […]

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Fostering community engagement in scholarly publishing

Scholarly publishing has always created a forum for a variety of stakeholders that play a vital role in the community. As the industry has evolved, so too have the relationships publishers have with members of the community. These changes can be transformative, offering opportunities as well as challenges in meeting mutual needs. Recognizing and embracing […]

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Open Access and the importance of institutional marketing

For a while now we’ve been hearing from some publishers that they’re focusing their marketing efforts on researchers and authors, and that institutional marketing is no longer important. We’d like to offer a different viewpoint. Open Access (OA) doesn’t change the fact that publishers need to keep this vital channel with institutions open. At the […]

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