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Integrating Researcher Education into the Research Life Cycle: A Continuum for fostering excellence in scholarly publishing

Researchers represent the core of scholarly publishing, yet many of them feel inadequately prepared to assume the increasingly complex role created for them by the current publishing environment. As scholarly publishing evolves to extend to new models, funder mandates, open scholarship, and data management, researchers must assume responsibility for new functions and processes for which […]

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Insights on an evolving 2024 landscape

The start of the new year provides an opportune time to explore key trends that Maverick forecasts as having a significant impact on scholarly publishing in 2024. We’ve pinpointed three interconnected pivotal factors driving shifts in the industry: • The evolving incentive to support higher education and R&D activities within a digital and decentralized economy […]

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AI Efficiencies to Optimize Workflow from Submission to Publication: 3 Case Studies

Recently, the SSP hosted a webinar on how AI can improve efficiencies and optimise workflows in scholarly publishing. Avi Staiman (Academic Language Experts) hosted the event and was joined by key players in the industry, including Sarah Taylor (Springer Nature), Julia Kostova (Frontiers), Hong Zhou (Wiley Partner Solutions), and Dustin Smith (Hum). As you might […]

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A mine of information – why TDM presents a challenge for publishers

Publishers and information specialists can’t have failed to notice that AI has been all over the news the past few weeks. From debate about ChatGPT being able to deliver a reasonably standard undergrad essay, to artists’ and writers’ concerns about copyright issues as other AI systems scrape their work to produce mashups for other users, […]

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