Between fulfilling your mission, meeting the needs of your constituents, and managing a business, there are rarely enough resources to support new initiatives if you are a nonprofit society, association, or university press.

Recognizing your important role in scholarly publishing, Maverick offers a variety of services tailored to your unique needs Maverick can equip nonprofit publishers to confront the challenges posed by the changing landscape of publishing. We’ll help you with identifying sources of revenue, content development, work flow efficiencies, and cost-effective best practices - to keep your program viable and robust.


Open Access

  • Plan S: Individualized assessment, based on your program, to help you focus on risks and strategies.
  • Negotiating transformative agreements.
  • To flip or not to flip?

Publishing Partnerships

  • Advice on negotiating the best terms for your program.
  • Selecting the best partner for your needs.
  • Journal and platform migrations.

Membership Recruitment

  • Finding new members—and keeping them.
  • Survey tools to assess member needs and interests.

Digital Transformation and Automation

  • How to leverage your content for wide distribution.
  • Unlocking the metadata for accessibility and discoverability.
  • Workflow solutions to promote efficiency and productivity.

Virtual Meetings

  • Keeping connected with your membership in a digital environment.
  • Transitioning to remote professional development.

For more details, see the Societies and Associations Service Support Sheets.

Societies & Associations Support

Publishing RFP Support Services

Community Engagement  


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Getting Noticed

Interim Support Services

Professional Education