The team and the qualified contacts to take your sales efforts to the next level.

Maverick has more than 30 years of experience selling directly to all sectors, including Academic, Corporate, Government and Public Libraries at both the institutional and national consortia level.

Our Team

Our senior associates are proven sales professionals who will focus their particular expertise and market sector background on achieving the sales targets and customer exposure you need, including international markets.

Our Thinking

We can also provide a detailed analysis of specific (existing and new) market sectors for your content and suggest the best ways to maximize new customer acquisition and existing customer retention. All reports will be designed and tailored specifically to your individual sales or competitor response strategy needs.

Our core service elements include:

Institutional Direct Sales

  • Strategic support and advice, including developing a sales strategy that will meet your organisation’s needs.
  • Regional sales and marketing representation and advice.
  • Sales targeting and revenue projection analysis.
  • Direct (customer) sales identification, closure and maintenance (including renewal management).
  • National and international consortia sales analysis, development or negotiation.
  • RFP discovery and response — seeking out and responding to proposal requests.
  • Market and customer segmentation.
  • Market and competitor analysis.

We maintain regular customer communication and prepare regular pipeline reports to keep you abreast of activities and successes.

Distributor Identification and Management

With our extensive experience in global, academic sales, as well as our background in developing sales distribution networks, Maverick has relationships with a wide range of established agents and regional distributors who are ready to sell your content. Our scope of services includes:

  • Review existing distributor arrangements to help identify the right agents and distributors.
  • Manage the initial negotiation as well as the ongoing distributor/agent relationship to ensure that they are trained and fully conversant in how to sell and present your services.
  • Monitor and manage the network on your behalf and be sure all your chosen sales channels are kept regularly up to date with product news and developments.
  • Report back results and activities on a regular basis.
  • Work with you to develop reporting processes that meet specific sales forecasting and market feedback requirements.

Core Services

  • Distribution channel identification, negotiation and development.
  • Distribution channel management, including contracting, regional or sector-specific pricing, creation of sales and marketing plans, distributor sales targeting, channel “grading” and “preferred distributor” models or incentive schemes.
  • Comprehensive sales channel analysis and reporting and integration with associated business and financial planning/reporting processes.

Commercial Sales

Maverick's commercial sales team can help you optimize your core content for new market opportunities.

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Interim Support Services

Maverick’s Interim Support Services can provide interim services at all levels of the publishing spectrum.

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Having difficulty recruiting full time employees?

Maverick’s Interim Support Services can provide interim services at all levels of the publishing spectrum. Whether you are confronting staff on leave, hiring freezes, special projects, or just the prolonged time involved in filling vacancies, Maverick's publishing professionals are trained and ready to step in and get the job done.

Let Maverick's global network help keep your organisation on track and on schedule with a full range of professional support services.

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