Develop the most effective approach for your business with top-level strategic support from Maverick.

Whether you need support in creating a new approach or product, advice on expanding or adapting your existing publishing strategy to meet a changing market, or guidance implementing new partnerships or programs, we can help.

Recognizing that each organisation’s specific requirements may vary, examples of only some of the areas Maverick can support you include:

Market Intelligence

  • Performing market research to provide intelligence on industry insights and your competitive landscape to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Providing strategic advice on marketing, branding, and positioning - plus marketing tactics (eMarketing, Content Marketing, Social Media execution) to provide the best and most cost-effective results.
  • Creating go-to-market strategies and plans; use cases; white papers; and messaging and positioning by sector, region and/or target constituent.

Digital Transformation

  • Defining what 'digital' means to your business and how to achieve it.
  • Implementing a digital first XML workflow.
  • Balancing a complementary mix of products and formats to build market strength.

Content Commissioning and Acquisition

  • Building a target list based on market research and leveraging existing strengths.
  • Acquiring new titles and series from leading authors and authorities.
  • Providing full service from product definition, content models and formats, to author management and project development.

Partner Evaluation

  • Evaluating existing agreements and partnerships to identify potential value.
  • Developing strategies and options for partnering or outsourcing and managing the RFP or tender process.
  • Creating opportunities with industry vendors—from researcher tools to content conversion to platform providers.

Mergers and Acquisitions Support

  • Identifying potential titles / portfolios of potential interest.
  • Performing gap analysis to target acquisition efforts.
  • Providing acquisitions support and management, product development.
  • Guiding company level M+A consultancy and prospecting.

Business Operations

  • Evaluating workflow to maximize cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Developing business models and pricing structures, as well as the supporting processes and procedures.
  • Establishing integration and migration strategies with existing products and services.
  • Ensuring research integrity and diversity are built into the business.

Diversity & Inclusion Analysis and Monitoring

Maverick Publishing Specialists has partnered with Umbrella Analytics, whose ground-breaking AI allows for diversity and inclusion analysis, monitoring, and advice for remediation.

  • Identify demographic gaps in your output and target commissioning activity to effect change.
  • Reduce bias by ensuring diversity in your reviewer network.
  • Review the makeup of your Editorial Boards and audit for diversity.
  • Help organizations create a healthier culture of inclusion.

Management Training from MiP

Maverick have partnered with MiP (Management in Publishing) to offer a comprehensive range of tailored management training courses that focus on balancing such crucial areas as performance appraisal and objective setting, with more discursive content examining what it takes to be a manager or leader e.g. self-awareness, personal impact and effective communication.

  • Open training on key management skills
  • Training for early career managers
  • Management into Leadership training
  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Bespoke programmes tailored to your organizational needs
  • Lunch & Learn webinars on key management and interpersonal skills
  • Managing remote and flexible teams

For more details, see the Business Strategy & Transformation Service Sheets.


Content Commissioning

Content Commissioning

Sustainability Program

Maintaining Research Integrity


Management Training from MiP

Researcher Engagement

Diversity & Inclusion Analysis and Monitoring Services

Diversity & Inclusion Analysis and Monitoring Services

Interim Support Services


Maverick offers specialist recruitment and executive search consultancy in publishing and digital content, both in the UK and overseas.

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