Today, we are all coping with the ever-increasing complexities of digital media production, electronic information distribution and the transition from ‘p’ to ‘e’.  With the developing trends in e-books, social networking, cross-product platform development and the growth of e-commerce in the trade and learned sectors, Maverick helps our clients to navigate through this ever-changing information landscape and the increasingly complex demands of differing customers and end users.

Whether you are an intermediary, aggregator or publishing services company requiring support in promoting and selling your service to publishers, or if you are a publisher looking for support in distributing your content to new markets via new channels, we can help you.

For example, we can:
  • Provide legal advice, including contract generation, negotiation and execution; publisher or distributor agreement review; commercial terms, advice and support.
  • Provide ongoing publisher partner account management services and representation for new markets or new territory development.
  • Handle licensing and rights management on your behalf.
  • Assist with pricing, product development and distribution strategies for new markets.
  • Represent you in selling your services/content to your target markets and sectors.

For more details, see the Publisher Relations Service Sheets.

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Interim Support Services

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Having difficulty recruiting full time employees?

Maverick’s Interim Support Services can provide interim services at all levels of the publishing spectrum. Whether you are confronting staff on leave, hiring freezes, special projects, or just the prolonged time involved in filling vacancies, Maverick's publishing professionals are trained and ready to step in and get the job done.

Let Maverick's global network help keep your organisation on track and on schedule with a full range of professional support services.

Download Maverick’s Interim Support Services PDF