Research Consulting and Maverick Publishing Specialists form exclusive business development and marketing partnership

Maverick partners with Research Consulting to represent them in the publishing and scholarly communications market.

Maverick Publishing Specialists Ltd and Research Consulting Ltd - two of the leading industry research and consulting firms - announced today that they will form an exclusive business development and marketing relationship.

This collaboration sees Maverick representing the full range of Research Consulting’s research and knowledge management consultancy services to the publishing and scholarly communications market space, worldwide.

Research Consulting is a mission-driven research and scholarly communication consultancy, with unmatched expertise and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the research process.

Maverick is a publishing industry consultancy and outsource services agency, providing publishing, technology and content, marketing and research support, alongside strategic consultancy, to publishers and service providers, worldwide.

Within the partnership, Maverick will use its global network of business development and consultant associates to explore new business and client development opportunities on behalf of Research Consulting, focusing on publishers, intermediaries, and service providers, as well as associations and societies (in their capacity as publishers). This allows Research Consulting to focus on clients in their core sectors including universities, funding agencies, and not-for-profits in the UK and Europe.

In the coming months, the two companies will also work together to develop a series of new, co-branded product and service packages that make best use of their respective market knowledge and expert resources.

They will also combine their resources and expertise to provide market updates and market intelligence briefings on developing industry initiatives and future trends.

Rob Johnson, Managing Director of Research Consulting Ltd, said:

It’s clear that there’s a natural fit between our companies and, together, we can both better support our existing clients and explore new market opportunities by linking up in this way. We have long admired Maverick’s business development strategy and are delighted to be working with them on a joint service offer.
We see this as a meaningful opportunity to combine Research Consulting’s understanding of the research ecosystem and specialist market research skills with Maverick’s impressive knowledge of the publishing enterprise. There are many potential areas for collaboration including publishing strategy, market research and marketing communications. As our partnership builds, our service offer can only get stronger.

Martin Marlow, President of Maverick Publishing Specialists, added:

When Rob and I started talking last year, we immediately recognised a potential synergy between our two organisations. Whilst Research Consulting were growing rapidly, they were noticing an additional service need in publishing and scholarly communications that required scaling to fully support.


Maverick has that market presence – and we are always looking to add further value in terms of expertise and (additional) market offerings for all our customers. It seemed a perfect fit – and I’m pleased that over the last few months we have been able to agree this exciting new partnership.

Further announcements will be made from both companies as the partnership develops over the coming months.