Maverick’s Researcher Engagement Webinars

Engage with researchers to increase high-quality submissions

Market forces are creating pressures on the scholarly publication landscape. New models like Open Access require an ever-increasing volume of submissions and published articles. Meeting the demand requires that researchers see your publications as a home for their work.

Yet researchers are dealing with their own challenges, such as OA and funder mandates, copyright issues, and data management requirements. They need support so they can focus on publishing their research.

Maverick’s new Researcher Engagement Webinars are an easy and effective way for scholarly publishers to overcome these challenges by supporting researchers with the information they need to get published and cited in today’s increasingly complex publishing landscape.

Content with Direct Benefits

Maverick’s Researcher Engagement Webinars enable you to provide researchers with the information they need to get published and cited.

Maverick will work with you to create educational webinars with content tailored to your audience and your needs:

  • Grow submissions: Increase the volume of high-quality articles
  • Expand market potential: Increase and diversify the base of authors/readers
  • Lead generation: Grow revenue
  • Brand development: Strengthen your profile with stakeholders: researchers, authors, members
  • Target new markets: Expand into new territories or fields

The webinars are white-labeled with your branding, making them a powerful way to demonstrate your support for the research community.

They are a great way to help researchers with topics like:

  • Journal selection
  • Research Integrity
  • The role of AI
  • Data management
  • Demystifying Open access
Let us do the work

The webinars are developed and conducted by experienced, objective academic researchers who understand the challenges of researchers and speak their language. Maverick’s turn-key solution covers content creation, speaker, and video production.

The sessions are conducted by Gareth Dyke, Ph.D., who has established expertise in training researchers and a thorough understanding of their needs.

Peripherals, such as downloadable summaries and course guides are also available.

Get started

If you are a scholarly publisher, the Researcher Engagement Webinars can help you develop a more productive relationship with one of your most important constituents.

For a discussion about how they might fit with the goals of your publishing program, contact your Maverick Representative, or email

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