Maverick’s Journals Tender Support Service

Maverick’s Journals Tender Support Service

We know that selecting the right publisher for your journal or portfolio is a key decision for any Scholarly Society. Your publishing partner plays a vital role in supporting your strategy, protecting and developing your publishing programme, guiding you in an ever-changing scholarly landscape, and ensuring profitable growth and new revenue streams. They should also be trusted business advisors who understand your vision, and work with you to build a strong partnership, with the level of communication – and cultural fit – that suits you, your society, and your editorial team.

Maverick Publishing Specialists can help you find the perfect publishing partner

  • Are you self-publishing and considering working with a publisher?
  • Are you considering selling your journal or publishing programme?
  • Are you in a partnership already, and considering changing publishers?
  • Do you know how attractive your programme is, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie?
  • Is it time to renew your current publishing contract, and ensure you are on the best possible terms?
  • Would you like professional support going out to tender, and help running the journal RFP process from beginning to end?
  • Do you need help transitioning your journals to a new publishing partner?

The Maverick team has specialized expertise, with experience in both the Commercial Publishing and Scholarly Society sectors, to help guide you through the process from RFP to contract signature, and beyond.

We offer a phased service that can include:

  • Liaising with society personnel, editorial team, and key decision-makers about their vision and priorities for the journal or portfolio.
  • Reviewing your current arrangements and publishing agreement.
  • Drawing up a comprehensive RFP based on your needs, including an appropriate schedule for the process.
  • Researching and shortlisting publishers to invite to tender.
  • Assessment of submitted proposals and financial offers.
  • Managing the publisher shortlisting and interview process.
  • Support in selection of successful publisher and contract negotiation.
  • Ensuring a suitable transition.

Please contact us to learn more:

Rebecca Rinehart, Head of US Operations and Senior Associate, Societies and Associations​ :
Sara Purdy, Senior Associate, Head of EMEA Societies and Associations​ :
Rebecca Moakes, Head of EMEA Business Development :
George Farina, Head of US Business Development :