Maverick Publishing Specialists Ltd. and Mark Lane Consulting announce Strategic Partnership

Reacting to rapid increase in demand, Maverick to represent and expand Mark Lane’s range of Group Facilitation, Focus Group and Library Advisory Board Support Services.

Dorset, UK October 4th, 2017 – Maverick Publishing Specialists Ltd., the specialist consultancy and outsource solutions company for the publishing and digital content marketplace, announced today that they have agreed a strategic partnership with Mark Lane Consulting to develop and expand a range of Group Facilitation, Focus Group and Library Advisory Board Support Services.

In the last 18 months both Maverick and Mark Lane Consulting have noticed a sharp increase in their respective clients’ interest in understanding how to:

  • Identify customer needs and expectations and how they think
  • Gather insights into attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and feelings of existing and prospective customer groups.
  • Develop regular ‘snap shots’ of how their services are perceived
  • Test attitudes to proposed changes
  • Obtain feedback on recent initiatives and/or gaining feedback for improvement

Via their new strategic partnership, Mark Lane Consulting – with support from Maverick Facilitator Associates from all around the world –  are now better placed to assist and expand their respective clients’ requirements in all areas of Group Facilitation, Focus Groups and Advisory Boards.

Martin Marlow commented,

“I am extremely pleased Mark has agreed to work with us to develop this line of mutual customer support. In a busy schedule, organising these type of events and activities can take an awful lot of time and effort for our customers – and now we are even better placed to assist.

“A facilitator is perhaps the most critical factor influencing the effectiveness and usefulness of events such as these. Facilitators need to have a broad range of particular skills and characteristics, not least experience in handling small groups; enthusiasm; self-organisation; energy and open-mindedness. The facilitator’s primary job is to create, and re-create, an environment that brings the best out of those present with regard to the aim of the meeting or outcomes required. Mark has an amazing background and expertise in all these areas and a track record that is second to none”

Mark Lane added,

“Good facilitation is subtle; it may hardly be noticed or remarked upon. At the end of the day, the facilitator’s job is well done if the purpose of the meeting is accomplished and everyone feels good about their participation. I am delighted to announce this partnership with Maverick as it now means I can increase the assistance I can provide in all aspects of event planning, preparation, logistics, management and facilitation”.

The new Maverick / Mark Lane partnership will further develop a set of facilitation services that can be tailored to fit the budgets and requirements of all differing customer types and size. These service packages will include such vital elements as;

  • Establishing the specific Goals the customer wants to achieve; agreeing Topics to be covered; and devising the event Structure – using most appropriate methods to encourage Engagement.
  • Planning and preparing for the event itself including Topic Preparation, Presenter Preparation, Presenter Coaching and maximising participant Interaction via the creation and use of briefing papers, questionnaires and case studies.
  • Facilitating the Event to encourage deep thinking and lively discussion, providing Post Event Follow up and Reporting; and Comprehensive Client Debriefs surrounding particular Findings and specific Recommendations.

The Maverick Publishing Specialist Team will be discussing the new partnership as part of their service offering at the Frankfurt Book Fair next week, October 11th to 14th in Frankfurt, Germany. If you would like to know more about the services on offer, please contact either Martin or Mark via the contact information below.