Making D&I a Reality at UKSG 2021

Diversity & inclusion is rapidly becoming a business reality for publishers. We are still in the early stages, so publishers understandably have practical questions about how and when to approach and address such complex issues.

Through its partnership with Umbrella Analytics, Maverick is at the forefront of this movement and we’d love the opportunity tell you about how we can help make D&I a reality for your organization at UKSG 2021.

Maverick’s EMEA Head, Rebecca Moakes, and Senior Associate Julia Brockley will be in the UKSG lounge all three days of the conference offering free consultations on this and other topics key to your business. To meet with Rebecca or Julia, or to book a separate call, contact them directly at and or via InMail.

Maverick Publishing Specialists and AI diversity monitoring and analytics provider, Umbrella Analytics, have partnered to provide diversity and inclusion analysis, monitoring, and advice across the publishing industry. Umbrella’s Diversity Analysis package takes raw data from publishers and generates demographic diversity insights benchmarked against relevant global metrics. From there, publishers can focus their energies on the biggest challenges and ensure that equality of publishing outcomes becomes the norm.

Umbrella founder, and Maverick Head of Technology and Content, Nancy Roberts, is a leading expert on Diversity & Inclusion in publishing. For anyone looking to take D&I initiatives to the next level for their organization, see Nancy’s recent posts, Diversity & Inclusion from a Publisher’s Perspective and What does good look like when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion? And for more details on Maverick’s services in this area, download Diversity and Inclusion Analysis and Monitoring Services