Digital Transformation the Maverick Way

Content consumers, customers, users, society members and producers within the scholarly ecosystem have been undergoing a profound digital transition in the way that they consume, produce, share, collaborate, learn and research. The past few years have seen a major shift away from the traditional print-centric paradigm to a web based virtual paradigm and online pedagogy, which has been accelerated by recent global events. It is imperative as this process accelerates that your organizations keep pace and undertake a similar holistic digital transformation across all business segments and functions to deliver a superior user / customer experience, drive operational efficiency and build in the agility to respond to the evolving environment.

Any type of organizational change is complex to manage and here at Maverick we understand the challenges inherent in making the move to digital. Due to our unique set up we can build a team of cross-divisional experts to cover all elements and deliver a smooth digital transformation. We appreciate that your businesses are on different trajectories and therefore require different levels of support and we have adapted our approach to reflect this: we can deliver a comprehensive program to manage the full end to end process or provide focused support for a specific area such as content production, digital marketing, and vendor selection.