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Operational Considerations for Open Science

Maverick continues its series on demystifying open science with a focus on operational considerations. In a previous blog post on the business aspects of open science, Maverick’s Ruth King introduced some of the issues associated with accommodating open science publications in existing publication workflows. In this blog post, I’ll explore a few of those operational […]

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The Intersection of Open Science and Publisher Strategy

Q&A with Open Science Specialist, Ruth King In a recent post, ‘Demystifying Open Science’, Maverick Affiliate Senior Associate for Open Science, Ruth King, provided an overview of open science by approaching it from three distinct organizational aspects: business, operational, and strategy/culture. In this follow-up interview, Ruth delves deeper into the business aspects to discuss how […]

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Accessibility Drives Content Discovery, Usage, and Inclusivity for Libraries and Publishers

At UKSG 2021’s 44th Annual Conference I make the case for accessible publishing and why it’s a no-brainer for libraries, publishers, and their suppliers to be investing in their compliance with scholarly content accessibility standards. The trick is to recognize the ample benefits of ensuring our products and services are truly accessible to all readers, […]

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Diversity & Inclusion from a Publisher’s Perspective

Q&A with Umbrella Founder, Nancy Roberts   Recognizing the growing need for diversity and inclusion practices in academic publishing, Maverick Publishing Specialists and AI diversity monitoring and analytics provider, Umbrella Analytics, have partnered to provide diversity and inclusion analysis, monitoring, and advice across the publishing industry. While the industry is united in the merits of […]

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Demystifying Open Science

Publishers are increasingly finding they need to support the growing set of practices that comprise Open Science. Going beyond providing open access to the results of research, Open Science extends to how research is conducted, reported, shared, and evaluated. In essence, the principles of openness are applied to the entire research lifecycle in such a […]

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The Impact of Covid-19 on the UK Publishing Industry

Research with UK publishing leaders reveals the dramatic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on all aspects of UK publishing. Research conducted with publishing leadership during the first stages of the Coronavirus pandemic in May and June shows widespread impacts across the publishing industry, with industry leaders reporting deep financial, sales and operational challenges as a […]

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