Maverick brings a deep understanding of the publishing business to develop valuable intelligence for your specific needs along with strategies and plans to utilize it for maximum benefit.

Our Strategic Marketing services put market research and expertise into action with thought leadership strategies, specifically targeted messaging and positioning, and “go-to-market” plans for corporate and product marketing, branding, and business planning. Maverick provides the vital information to focus your product development, sales, marketing, and communications efforts in areas that will achieve the best results.

Maverick’s Strategic Marketing services work hand-in-hand with our Market Research and other Marketing Services.


Top Level Strategic Marketing Plans

  • Strategies developed to address all market sector and target constituents as required.
  • Worldwide or regionally- specific plan generation or review.
  • Thought leadership messaging & campaign creation e.g. Whitepapers; Blog pieces; videos; infographics; articles and presentations.

Corporate Brand Development Strategies

  • Brand value review and current market perception mapping and analysis.
  • New brand design and generation — brand values, mission statements and market messaging/positioning.
  • Thought leadership position creation (e.g. Whitepapers, case studies and Blogs), message placement, and speaker opportunities.
  • Cost-effective industry sponsorship.
  • Sector-specific brand development initiatives.

Product Marketing Strategies

  • Roll-out planning across channels, sectors, geographies and customer types.
  • New product launches and/or existing product extension.
  • New market sector development and sales segmentation.
  • Feature/benefit and USP identification.
  • All generated with full view of revenue-specific targeting and ROI.

New Pricing and License Modelling

  • Regional pricing and protection strategies; new digital media pricing alternatives; print/online/POD hybrids.
  • Price bundling; consortia pricing; National and International pricing structures.
  • Licence development and review — for individual products, user types or consortia.

Marketing Integration Planning

  • Planning across all relevant functional areas of your existing organisation — with marketing process/system analysis and upgrading where necessary.
  • All initiatives fully integrated with overall business or sales segmentation plans where required.

For more details, see the Maverick Strategic Marketing Service Sheet.