Silverchair Guide to Data Privacy for Scholarly Publishers

Silverchair is a leading independent platform partner for scholarly and professional publishers that builds and host websites, online products, and digital libraries for their clients’ content, enabling researchers and professionals to maximize their contributions.

As most information on data privacy relevant to the scholarly publisher community had not been updated since 2018 (the year the GDPR was introduced across the European Union), Silverchair identified a real need among its clients and the community as a whole for more current guidance. Working together with Silverchair, Maverick developed Data Privacy for Publishers: Getting Ahead of the Evolving Global Landscape, a white paper with content that eases the challenge and complexity of compliance regardless of the readers’ levels of familiarity with data privacy legislation and that summarizes the high-level requirements, frequent places of overlap with publishers and differences between the various policies.

The project objectives focused initially on research on the leading data privacy laws, conducting a compare and contrast exercise across four key privacy acts, highlighting the differences and similarities relating to the acquiring, storing, managing, handling and sharing of personal data. Once the research phase of work was completed, an information review and scoping call was held with Silverchair to review the topic areas within the concept of data privacy identified. A Table of Contents and wireframe for the white paper was then developed.

This tabulated intelligence from the initial phase of work and the subsequent white paper wireframe formed the foundation for the white paper’s content, which was then explained and summarized into clear, separately written sections on the rights of individuals across the four major data privacy laws and clear explanations of the main responsibilities needed to comply with these rights. Finally, five main responsibilities that businesses should employ to remain compliant with all four sets of legislation were included to mitigate against the risk of penalization. Download the white paper.

Maverick consultants have a deep knowledge of our industry and thorough research methods, making them an excellent partner on complex topics and research specific to scholarly publishing. The work is top-notch, and their communication is excellent. We can’t wait to partner with them again on another project!
Marketing Executive at Silverchair