Project management for a professional education platform

A society needed to sunset a professional education platform with thousands of users at varying stages of progress through its numerous modules. With an aggressive schedule and resource constraints, they reached out to Maverick for project management support.


On-time delivery was a key goal of the project since legal requirements dictated the sunsetting occur within a certain timeframe once users had been notified. In addition, it was important to establish a project manager role that would ensure that all internal and external stakeholders were fully informed and on board with the plan and its implementation.


The project began with an onboarding stage whereby Maverick gained an understanding of current plans, work in progress, and an orientation on all aspects of the professional learning platform itself.

Maverick then developed the overall project management structure, reporting, and KPIs with a focus on risk management and effective and timely internal and external communication. Throughout the project, Maverick managed project control processes, progress plans, risks, and budgets while communicating progress with an agreed strategic focus. Maverick also facilitated problem-solving as required, working closely with key team members.


Maverick monitored progress and ensured that key milestones of each phase were met and that the project was completed on schedule with minimal disruption. Upon conclusion of the project, a retrospective review to capture lessons learned was conducted and presented to the client.

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