Open-Source Publishing Platforms

A research organization sought to gain greater insight and understanding into various aspects of open-source software solutions that exist for the publishing of academic papers and pre-prints. The research spanned major solutions available, comparison of the risk / benefit of using commercial software vs. proprietary solutions, and costs. Specific details relating to each solution were compiled to form the basis of a summary report and recommendations, which also included an analysis of the market-influenced pressures imposed by the need for open-source publishing infrastructure.


Maverick provided research of the landscape of open-source publishing solutions that encompassed costs, maturity, and usage breadth. This information was accompanied by a user study gleaned from information from publicly accessible documentation about the top open-source publishing platforms, supplemented by interviews.


The final report provided detail about the platforms and also identified some advantageous pairing of systems, emerging trends and attitudes regarding open-source platforms, and the need to carefully plan community outreach and engagement.