Journal Publishing Partner Review

Maverick conducted an in-depth review of a society journal to compare options for continuing with their existing publisher or to issue an RFP to assess the potential of a new publishing partnership. A part of this assessment involved reviewing competing journals to determine whether they were losing market share and, if so, what efforts could be undertaken to regain share and expand the market.


The Maverick review encompassed financial arrangements, terms, services, content delivery, sales, and support. Also taken into consideration were performance benchmarks and the publisher’s ability to fulfill the client’s mission and goals. Other aspects of the assessment focused on open access potential, online capabilities, and global opportunities.


An extensive compilation of background information and desk research formed the basis for the conclusions, which outlined strengths, weaknesses, and potential based on current performance and projections. The overall goal was to determine ways to maximize the value of the existing program and use it as a basis for growth. The final recommendations outlined these considerations in detail and provided the society with a short- and long-term plan for the future of its journal publishing program.


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