Enterprise Content Management System RFP

A leading international education provider sought Maverick’s support in developing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to select a new Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS).

The primary project objectives were to elicit all content strategies, align these strategies with the high-level functional requirements, and validate, enhance, and finalize the functional requirements as input for the RFP documentation.

To produce the desired outcomes Maverick followed a three-phase approach starting with a requirements elucidation and documentation phase, followed by refinement and validation, and ending with a content analysis.

Activities included:

  • Reviewing current end-to-end workflow and systems in the content production process to the point of handover to the distribution channels.
  • Coordinating and facilitating two rounds of workshops with multiple stakeholder groups
  • Layering in refinements to documented and validated requirements and defining breadth and depth of requirement impact (t-shirt sizing).
  • Analysis of current content outputs, including volumes, delivery formats (PDF, XML, ePub, etc), content structure, identification of specific content elements, and mapping of elements to commonly used XML DTDs to ensure suitable semantic tagging is available.
  • Mapping back into workflow analysis to ensure suitable tools/services are available to support the different content formats and types.

The team delivered a comprehensive content model document covering all content types identified and based on the outcomes of the workshops and content analysis that included a recommendation for appropriate XML schemas for each content type to be created and/or stored in XML format in the ECMS, and a functional requirements document for inclusion in the RFP.