Editorial Board Diversity Seminar

A leading US STEM society and publisher wanted to kick-start a conversation about diversity in the publishing process. They were interested in exploring where bias might affect publishing decisions, what the research tells us about the challenges of achieving a diversity of authors and outputs, and the implications for scientific research.


The primary ambition was to engage editorial board members in the issue, to provoke reflection on their own biases and assess where there might be opportunities to change behaviors. To achieve this, the aim was to assess available data, point to opportunities for further research, and generate ideas and activities to increase diversity in the author and editor pool.


Maverick undertook detailed research into available knowledge about diversity in this specific scientific research area. They then created a seminar covering a range of issues including current demographics, an overview of best practice in the area, insights from their work with other publishers and societies, and ideas to improve diversity. A 45-minute seminar including Q&A was delivered.

“Maverick was attentive and detail-oriented throughout a project that needed to be delivered on a
tight timeframe. The presentation was executed with obvious care and professionalism and helped
start further conversations with our editors on a complex, challenging topic. Executive for a leading STEM society.