Digital Strategy

We were approached by the CEO of our client, a large market sector leading specialist publisher, to assist the board with the initial discussion, research and development phases of a long term company initiative to review and create a more robust digital strategy.

Despite their internal developments and activity in the digital arena to bring both technology and content up to speed with market demand, the client wished to understand what else they should do to maintain and increase their position as market leader in the subject areas and market sectors in which they operated – and ensure they caught up and/or overtook their immediate competitors in the digital space.

Maverick’s engagement began with a review of the current state of the digital market within the clients chosen sectors – and the clients’ current positioning and perception within them. This helped the client understand – from an independent perspective – where they really stood with their customers and also identified particular areas for closer consideration and focus if they were to be a leading content and service provider in the digital arena.

Maverick support included:

  • Assistance with understanding and analysing the industry with regards to threats, opportunities and developing trends
  • Helping to understand the competitive landscape in more detail – including in-depth analytical reports on 5 of their key competitors.
  • Reviewing and identifying partners and outsource companies that could provide assistance and support with regard to digital platform development and enhancements, website upgrades and content development and production.
  • Advice on marketing, branding and positioning strategy.
  • Advice on areas for immediate sales attention or opportunities not currently addressed.

Maverick were then asked to create and conduct a board level workshop and initial business review to help further identify the core areas that needed to be addressed. The aim of the workshop was to uncover any areas of mis-alignment in thinking or strategy; ensure there was a common understanding of “digital” across the senior management team and what it meant for the client both strategically and operationally; as well as discuss and resolve some more specific and practical issues regarding the clients digital growth and prioritise the various plans and activities already underway or in development.

Following the workshop, Maverick created a top-level strategy paper that outlined the areas discussed, including findings, recommendations and agreed actions and priorities. This strategy is now being implemented by the client concerned.