Database Automation 

A non-profit organization produces a discovery solution in the social sciences that is widely used by researchers and librarians. The content includes abstracts and references from books and journals and is processed with varying degrees of automation. Most of the information is derived electronically, with the remainder received as PDF files that require manual intervention.


The goal of the project was to automate the workflow to reduce the time in production and allow more rapid, automated publication of new content. In addition to the manual aspects of content capture, attention was focused on making best use of the metadata and streamlining the QC process.


Maverick developed a proof-of-concept and lexicon that was validated to assess the capabilities of linguistic analysis that can be implemented across various technologies. Linguistic analysis was also recommended as a means for identification of keywords and check tabs and to identify sponsorship and funding elements. Maverick also identified opportunities for e-feed standardization and use of third-party feeds as well as ways to work with vendors for maximum effectiveness.