CILEX Commissioning and Project Management

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) wished to launch a new chartered professional qualification (CPQ) framework  that comprised multiple modules at three separate stages. The CPQ was designed around career competencies and would provide learners with both theoretical legal knowledge, practical skills, as well as understanding of the wider business context.

An integral part of the CPQ project was to ensure that all students and training providers had access to quality content to underpin their teaching and learning (and in the case of training providers, to reduce time in course preparation) by creating a uniform set of “core resources.” A critical additional imperative was that these resources should be available in digital format first as part of the standard student package, with print options available, but only as an optional addition to the digital versions.

CILEX sought Maverick’s assistance in the development of these resources in time for the launch of the CPQ program in June 2021. The work undertaken by Maverick was initiated with a full discovery process designed to gather user insights from training providers and then from that to define the pedagogic approach to be taken.

Maverick worked closely with the CILEX publishing team to map existing content (at the learning objective level) to the new CPQ module specifications, identifying content gaps that would need to be commissioned. The work output began with a targeted acquisition plan and continued through product design and content development; content delivery and review; and the development of the relationships needed to deliver the resources via an online bookshelf.

CILEX were delivered a fully costed, fully endorsed plan for rolling out both print and digital learning resources to students and training providers. The program launched to an extremely tight schedule – and achieved its goal of creating an engaging, interactive experience for all CILEX learners.

I would thoroughly recommend Maverick. My needs had become urgent (and) your response was both swift and right on the nose…. at the end of a 6-month project not only did we have a plan for rolling out print and digital learning resources to students and training providers, but it was fully costed, endorsed by the relevant Boards, and authors had been commissioned. But for Mark’s experience, determination and ability to collaborate effectively, none of this would have been possible.

Chris Glennie, Director of Programme Development & Innovation