Case Study Project Management Support for Platform Migration

AIP Publishing (AIPP) connects people, ideas, and institutions across the globe through an enormous portfolio of publications, services, and tools designed to make the physical sciences more accessible for researchers and readers alike.

AIPP undertook a major transition to a new platform to bring enhanced functionality to its stakeholders. This transition to the Silverchair platform involved a massive effort involving teams across the business units, with their internal project management team requiring external input both from the perspective of available resources, and platform knowledge. Maverick provided the project management expertise needed to unify these efforts and coordinate the migration to Silverchair’s platform, which occurred on schedule with no down time.

Maverick instituted a cost-effective retainer model approach, building in flexibility for varying total monthly days over an extended period.

The project manager handled the following functions as part of an internal project management team:

  • Manage project dimensions of resources, timeline, scope, and quality.
  • Active management of stakeholders in terms of decision-making processes and customization requirements. AIPP operated with a fairly flat hierarchical structure across involved SMEs, meaning that these processes needed to be robust and efficient to tackle increased complexity.
  • Execute day-to-day project management activities on key initiatives, including oversight of schedules, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Assistance with oversight of 3rd party suppliers that are engaged on projects.
  • Establish project governance according to project methodologies.
  • Ensure project measurement and quality assurance metrics are developed, tracked, and reported.
  • Clear obstacles, report issues, and identify risks.
  • Contribute to development and maintenance of the standards, processes, and best practices.
  • Drive broad stakeholder engagement and communications.

AIPP’s successful migration and launch on the Silverchair platform was a mega-project involving good organization, timing and communication. Maverick was able to contribute to the success of the on-time platform launch through a timely, professional and cost-effective interim placement that was extended through a post-launch period to ensure continuing customer stability and the completion of key post-launch projects such as SSO functionality and remaining platform customizations.

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