Case Study Productizing TDM

A leading US society sought research assistance from Maverick to develop a go-to-market strategy to efficiently and competitively productize their text and data mining (TDM) services for B2B access to their content. This approach would provide a new way to reach the academic and corporate market. It would also have the additional benefit of monetization of the society’s content assets by establishing its application programming interface (API) solution as a new product.


Maverick used a mixed methods approach, including quantitative and qualitative data collection (surveys and user interviews) combined with secondary research into the academic and industrial markets. Assessment criteria was extensive and included market development and thought leaders, API-enabled TDM, types and ranges of services, business models and licenses. This collective data was analyzed to identify an approach that would add value to the target market.


Maverick provided a robust set of product differentiation strategies, financial, technical, and general marketing recommendations based on the research. In addition, an overall business strategy was recommended with a go-to-market plan. The recommendations encompassed business models, product offering, target customer groups, promotion, marketing, and sales delivery.