Case Study AI & NLP Market Analysis

A premier US-based STM publisher sought Maverick’s support in exploring the market for AI/NLP technologies with the functionality to automate parts of the manuscript submission process and determine the appropriate editorial route. Along with a technology review, Maverick conducted a broader assessment of the publishing industry to explore which options had been implemented to tackle similar issues.

As a first step, Maverick established the evaluation criteria with the client, which enabled a more focused approach to identifying a short list of appropriate tools for language profiling. The team then evaluated the functional specifications against requirements, profiled the relevant companies, and generated a detailed vendor analysis.


Maverick conducted desk research and interviews with companies to fully understand how they could deliver on the requirements. This included both companies already operating within STM publishing and those working in aligned sectors with similar requirements in terms of the core functionality.


Based upon the research findings, Maverick produced a report identifying the key technologies that best suited the needs of the publisher, including consideration of the company’s viability, alignment with requirements, and ease of integration with the existing workflows and tool chain. Ultimately, the publisher decided to move forward with Maverick’s recommended solution and have fully integrated it with systems and workflows.