Caribbean Council Insight Review

The Caribbean Council supports responsible international private sector led investment and development in the Caribbean, Cuba, and Central America. Its services are directed toward helping clients understand the political, business, economic, and trade issues associated with local markets. These topics are covered in their biweekly newsletter, Caribbean Insight, which is distributed to members, sponsors, and subscribers.

Recognizing the value of Caribbean Insight to their overall mission, the Caribbean Council reached out to Maverick to help maximize the newsletter’s full potential. Maverick conducted an assessment to identify potential markets and audiences, explore new areas of content, evaluate frequency and format, develop editorial and branding strategies, and create a more robust online presence that could support the organization’s other programs and content.

Maverick’s approach to the project included a review of the following areas:

  • Product Review: editorial, format, content, style and scope of coverage.
  • Market Audit: market segments and industries, integration of content with services provided, infrastructure network, business models

Based on the results of this review, Maverick provided a list of strategies and tactics for growth assessment in the following areas:

  • Editorial
  • Format
  • Market outreach

The final recommendations included specific approaches to enhancement of the online presence in support of all of these areas and a stepwise approach to implementation. The Caribbean Council accepted these recommendations and proceeded to implementing them.

Maverick brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise together with a client focused approach.   They are insightful and practical.  Highly recommended.

Chris Bennett, Managing Director, Caribbean Council