Mavericks are leaders and team players with the curiosity, foresight, and determination to blaze innovation and explore every avenue in achieving the best possible solution.


It is in this spirit that Maverick Publishing Specialists was founded in 2008 by a small team with big ideas and a wealth of publishing industry experience. Maverick believed then, as it does today, that with flexibility and acumen, outsourced services can provide out-of-the-box thinking, solutions, and resources to help businesses reach new heights.

Over a decade later, Maverick is indeed a global leader in providing publishing, marketing and research, technology and content,  sales support, and strategic consultancy and outsource services to academic, scholarly, professional, and educational publishers, as well as intermediary aggregators and solution providers. Our once-small team has grown to over 50 consultants, contractors and technology specialists staffing offices in the EU, US, and Asia Pacific.  And as your publishing partner, we are eager to help your business thrive and blaze new trails of its own.

Our Services

Our work includes both large- and small-scale projects, and we have been fortunate to partner with many of the world’s leading publishers, but also smaller, niche publishers, intermediaries and service providers alike.

Our Services include:

  • Digital strategy and e-distribution.
  • Content production, workflow assessment, and platform development.
  • Publisher relations and legal support services.
  • Marketing strategy, communications and research.
  • Technical and technology consultancy.
  • Social media including SEO and SEM.
  • Sales representation and support.

We pride ourselves on the fact that most Maverick clients choose to work with us time and again, which enables us to feed intelligence and up-to-date market experience back across all our regional and functional teams.

Our Model

We understand the complexities of the publishing industry and the budget pressures felt by publishing organizations, both large and small. Our goal is to provide the combined expertise, in-depth knowledge, centralized buying power and global contact networks at a fraction of the cost, management time, staffing levels or complexity it would take to replicate in-house.

We are flexible in our approach and strive to offer solutions that deliver quality results. We specialize in quickly analyzing business situations and delivering successful solutions with an entrepreneurial flair and strong focus on ROI.

Our pricing models are primarily based on fixed cost projects to enable clients to budget with ease and be confident that there are no hidden costs. However, we can also offer retainers and handle interim management assignments, placing staff within your offices should this need arise.