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Maverick Develops New International Innovation Website for Research Media

Maverick Publishing Specialists Ltd. (MPSL), the specialist consultancy and outsource solutions company for the publishing industry, spoke today of its role in development of the new International Innovation website ( for editorial, design and research dissemination services company, Research Media.

The International Innovation suite of publications provides global insight and analysis on current research trends in healthcare, science and technology, as well as funding and policy issues. Reaching a worldwide scientific and lay audience, all the issues are available to read free-of-charge via both the International Innovation website and the App, available on iTunes and Google Play. Prior to the development of the new site, Research Media’s product and corporate websites were combined. Following a strategic review of the business, the company identified a need to separate the two sites to facilitate future growth of its publications business and to enable content to be much more discoverable.

Maverick first helped Research Media define their business requirements to reflect customer needs and market demands. Using their knowledge of the publishing industry, content dissemination, web usability and online outreach, Maverick brought together key stakeholders from across the business to help Research Media translate their strategic, content and communication directives into online marketing tools and then developed a fully functional website that promoted their content and marketing messages.   The result was a user-friendly, highly functional website which enables users to quickly find content pertinent to their field of interest. As Paul Martin, Head of Design at Research Media, commented, “We’ve been delighted with the development of the website and the support Maverick gave us as we worked through the process. While the site has been live just a few short months, it is our intention to continue to improve functionality and enhance the user experience. For example, we will continue to improve our search functionality and further integration of content sharing and propagation via TrendMD. We are also looking to add archived content and, at some point down the line, we will look to update the overall appearance of the site.”

Martin Marlow, President Maverick Publishing Specialists said, “We’ve been delighted to work with Research Media on this important project. We’ve worked with the company on a number of different elements over the last couple of years so to be able to support them in growing their business has been an exciting opportunity. Additionally, we have developed the site so that Research Media are able to continue with the ongoing development work as they see fit and we continue to work with the team in a more advisory capacity. We look forward to providing our support and expertise in the future.”

Maverick continues to act as an expert additional resource to help Research Media’s internal web development team manage and grow the site’s capabilities.


Content Marketing: Newsletters, White Papers and Other Essentials

As content providers, publishers should have a natural affinity for content marketing, but we know there are still plenty of publishers who feel they don't make enough of their content marketing activity.

Developed from the ideas explored at a seminar first given at ALPSP (and we'll get to repurposing later on! this series of blog posts introduces you to content marketing and goes on to discuss some of the ways you can make the most of your content marketing efforts. So lets begin at the beginning with…

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.
From the Content Marketing Institute

But what does this mean? And as a content creator / provider, how does this translate into tangible strategies? Strategies you can use to promote and market your own content to your customer segments. Strategies that will increase awareness and subscription and purchase of your content?

This is a question that we at Maverick been asked on many occasions by clients. And the answer is that there are numerous channels that can be used for content marketing.

So where do you start?

As publishers or aggregators of content, you'll have a wealth of material at your fingertips.
•    Journal articles
•    Book chapters
•    Conference proceedings
•    Primary research materials
•    Newspapers
•    Reviews
•    Case studies
•    Pictures
•    Podcasts
•    Videos

Each of the content types will hold interest for particular sectors of your target audiences. Some of this content might be locked away inside a product which requires a subscription in order to discover it, or it might be open access so users will find it as they search for its particular topic area.

It doesn’t really matter what type of content you hold, but how you make it accessible and discoverable by your audiences.

Don’t forget the basics
And the first important thing is that you don't forget traditional marketing channels which are still as valid, in our experience, as the more contemporary channels now available. We're thinking about:

•    Newsletters
•    Alerts
•    RSS feeds
•    Direct mail
•    Advertising
•    Conferences
•    White papers / Thought Leadership

The humble newsletter is still an excellent way of getting snippets of information out to your customers. Regular communications about hot topics of research that you’ve published will always be of interest and is still a great way to promote your wider content collections. RSS feeds and alerts which most publishers will already have established are another source to help notify existing and potential readers what content will be available and when.

Adverts, direct mail, conferences are all still excellent ways of promoting your content; and conferences are regularly cited by researchers as one of the major sources for credible information. This is where they hear directly from experts and peers in their area of interest.

White Papers

White papers are also a great way to raise awareness of particular topics you want to be known for, to set you apart as a thought leader in your area. But while these papers will contain very important information, they can be quite lengthy which can be hard for readers to digest in its entirety.

Maverick has worked with clients to help them break down the content in the whitepaper, by identifying sections which can then be promoted as articles or in marketing campaigns in their own right. This approach has two advantages:

  • It gets your content out there in manageable chunks which readers can easily read and digest, and then they can look at the complete paper to get further information.
  • You can target different audiences and use different channels to promote these shorter pieces.

For example you might:

  • Create article-style PR pieces and distribute to trade and industry press and listservs, include a link to the full paper in order to drive traffic.
  • Create a blog post outlining the paper, again including a link to encourage readers to view the full version.
  • Generate emarketing campaigns specific for different audiences with the overall aim of generating awareness and interest in reading the full paper.
  • Initiate paid advertising campaigns on Facebook or LinkedIn to drive  traffic to the paper.
  • Use the broken down paper to identify topics for potential speaker slots to further raise awareness of your content.
  • Use snippets from the paper and promote snippets them across social media channels to generate wider awareness, such as posts in Facebook, discussions on LinkedIn and tweets and again include links to the full paper in each post.

In our next piece we’ll talk more about these channels and how to make the best use of them…

Authors: Duncan Enright, Sara Killingworth