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Maverick Senior Associate Aviva Weinstein will be speaking at the 2015 ASA Annual Conference held on 16th and 17th February. We asked for a sneak preview on the questions she’ll be asking (and answering)…

How to put the library back at the centre of searching and content management

With more information being driven via the internet and the alarming inaccuracy of information that can be easily "discovered" libraries need to evolve to serve their patrons.  The talk will look at lessons to learn from the changes libraries have made over the last decade, understand what the threats are to scholarly information today and discuss how the both the library, and the information professionals who work in it, might further change to ensure the integrity of information patrons are able to access.

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FBF2014 The European perspective

Katja Oechel joined Maverick this year and attended FBF to chat with European publishers and companies. Based in Berlin and specialising in marketing communications, she reports back on her FBF experience…

For me, this year’s fair was about making contact with lots of my old friends and colleagues.  I’m based in Germany and met with a lot of German publishing companies. I’ve also worked in London. It’s interesting that the issues are the same, and ‘hot topics’ are the same across countries. But there are plenty of cultural differences in the way publishers work. There’s a difference in emphasis between the UK publishers, the publishers in the Netherlands, and the ones in Germany, but in the end, it’s one big global business – that's part of the appeal.

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