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Twitter, Marketing and Trusted Brand Status


How Twitter made me buy a book

About three weeks ago I bought a book because Twitter said I should read it. I’ve come across plenty of titles on social media that sounded fascinating, but this is the first time I’ve got all the way to purchase. The process made me think about something I often discuss with my clients, the importance of being a trusted brand.

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Seamless Integration – We’re all talking about it, but did anyone tell users?

Mobile access to digital content has definitely been the most recent hot topic amongst publishers and librarians. In some ways the proliferation of smartphones has fulfilled our expectations – users do use them to search library catalogues and access e-content. Some of the results have been less expected. One librarian talked to me about her users searching shelves, using their phone like a scrap of paper on which they’d written the title they were looking for.  I’m not sure that’s entirely what publishers have in mind when they talk about mobile.

In our minds we have an image of the dedicated researcher wanting a unified digital world, where moving between their desktop, phone, and tablet offers a seamless experience with all their essential reading at their fingertips (literally, in the case of touchscreen devices). And academics are certainly famous for never leaving their work behind, whether it's car boots stuffed with books, a reading pile of photocopied pages by the bed or sneaking student papers into their suitcases to mark on holiday.  But now that’s all possible with a tablet and a bit of the cloud is it what will happen?

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