Maintaining Research Integrity Standards

The increasing focus on openness and transparency in scholarly research and publication has motivated publishers and research organisations to ensure they are compliant with best practice editorial standards. The task of achieving and maintaining research integrity standards and managing research integrity issues can be very challenging, especially for smaller publishers. 

Maverick offers a program of research integrity services to help publishers achieve and maintain best practice research integrity standards: 

  • Needs Assessment:

    • Scoping analysis: Vulnerabilities and areas that should be the focus of a research integrity strategy.
    • Research integrity needs analysis: Risks of publication and research misconduct, priorities to mitigate those risks, and strategic options to meet research integrity goals.
  • Implementing  Strategic Options:

    • Editorial standards and policy formulation for specific needs and circumstances.
    • Resources and training for staff, editors, and peer reviewers (e.g. flowcharts, FAQs, codes of conduct, information packs, peer review guidelines, content for online courses, webinars).
    • Workflows to manage research integrity issues.
  • Advice on publishing innovations to ensure they follow best practice standards.

  • White papers on research integrity issues.

  • Research to inform policy and practice.

We hope you consider Maverick part of your core group, working in your interest as an extension of your team.

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