The potential of the China market continues to grow as research output increases exponentially. As such, international publishers are increasingly seeking to strengthen their sales and marketing penetration into the region as well as looking to grow their content portfolio through Chinese editions, co-sponsored and co-published publications. But successful expansion into this market can be fraught with difficulties.

To help publishers overcome these challenges, Maverick Publishing Specialists has partnered with The Charlesworth Group to offer a customized set of services that span sales, marketing and market research, author outreach and editorial / publisher services. The Charlesworth Group has more than 80 years experience in helping publishers develop their publishing strategies, with particular expertise of the China market.

Whether you’re looking for support in selling your content into China or seeking to attract papers from Chinese researchers; or if you’re a scholarly society and publishing services company requiring support in finding partners and vendors in China, we can help you.

Our services include:

Sales Support

With its distinctive language and unique culture, China has very different methods of learning, information distribution and social media communication. Sales and marketing activities need to be carefully designed by regional specialists in order to ensure their success. Utilising our expertise, Maverick Publishing Specialists and The Charlesworth Group will function as an extension of your marketing department and help you conduct brand awareness campaigns and promotions in this region, including:

Sales Gap Analysis – we can help you understand your potential to expand market share through:

  • Analysis of your current market position and market potential
  • Identification of priority targets
  • Soliciting feedback from targeted groups on a specific topic or subject area
  • Developing re-branding strategies and campaigns

Lapsed subscriber and renewals campaigns – we can provide you with in-territory support for your renewals campaigns. Our relationships with librarians throughout China, combined with our understanding of the processes, structures and budgeting timelines that impact purchase decisions, means we can help achieve greater success rates with renewals and lapsed subscriber campaigns.

Marketing Support

We can help you with all aspects of your marketing activities including:

Targeted Emailing and Telemarketing – our targeted emailing and telemarketing services help publishers:

  • Promote new products and services to the most appropriate customers
  • Distribute news to the most relevant audience,
  • Post calls for papers,
  • Maintain and strengthen bonds with researchers,
  • Announce press releases, and
  • Provide regular news updates.

Production of marketing materials – we can help you produce local language marketing materials through our translation, design and production services in both print and electronic format. We can also help you source and produce gifts and other giveaways for distribution at conferences, seminars or other meetings.

Chinese Website Development – our experience has shown that Chinese language websites (and/or microsite additions to your main web presence) help drive more traffic to the publishers’ online content and optimise local SEO and Chinese search results. These .cn websites can be a central hub for developing local communities and targeted marketing plans. We can help you develop your web presence in China by:

  • Translating selected pages of your main website(s) to create a microsite;
  • Ensuring the design of the .cn mirrors the look and feel of your existing website(s) to maintain consistency across your web presence;
  • Hosting them on a local .cn domain;
  • Enhancing local searches and discoverability.

Chinese Social Media Development – with Twitter and Facebook access blocked in China, publishers must consider the local social media channels for mass marketing. Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter with the same functions and capabilities, is used by over 500 million Chinese. It is the preferred channel for mass marketing as well as for direct interaction with researchers and potential users. In addition to helping you adopt the best strategies for incorporating Weibo into your marketing activities, we can also place advertisements on the specialized research platforms for more targeted distribution of your content via social media.

Conferences and Exhibitions

Subject Specific Conferences – we can help you identify the key meetings and seminars that are relevant for your publishing streams and support your presence at these events, including:

  • Representation
  • Booth design and information distribution
  • Collecting data and feedback from attendees on your behalf
  • Developing relationships with relevant specialists at each event to support your business goals.

Exhibitions – we can represent your publications and products at the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) and Academic Journal Exhibition (AJE) every year. Promotional opportunities at these events include:

  • Distribution of printed leaflets or posters
  • Staffing of exhibition booths
  • Speaking engagements

Publisher Tour – around the time of BIBF or other academic conferences, we can help you develop a better understanding of Chinese culture of the local scientific community by arranging visits to key end users in China, presentations at BIBF or other conferences so you can gain first-hand experience of how people do business in China and how your products and services are perceived.

Editorial and Author Services

Help Desk and Author Services Centre – our Help Desk and Author Services Centre acts as an extension of your customer support to provide you with a base in China. For example, we can:

  • Provide real time customer service support to your growing community of editors, reviewers, authors and subscribers in the region;
  • Act as your communication channel for the Chinese research community to ensure swift response to queries;
  • Deal with submission and other editorial enquiries such as helping authors prepare paper submissions in line with your publication requirements which in turn will help to speed up the processing time of manuscripts.

Author Training Seminars – we can also provide author training seminars. Not only do these seminars provide valuable information to help authors submit good quality manuscripts to your publication but they help to:

  • Promote your journals, improving brand awareness of organization
  • Provide the research community with a better understanding of the aims and scopes of journals which in turn helps you to attract the right papers.

Guest Editors/Editorial Board Members – as well as helping your to establish your presence within China, we can also help you to build your editorial board through:

  • Recruitment of, and communication with, guest editors/editorial board members;
  • Organisation of events/activities for guest editors/editorial board members to promote your company and publications; and
  • Work with guest editors to support editorial/production process, including language polishing, copy editing, typesetting, and print of special issues or supplements for conferences in China

Targeted Call for Papers Campaigns – we can also help you with Call for Papers campaigns. These can either be integrated with your wider global campaign or they can be targeted to Chinese researchers specifically. Support includes:

  • Targeting researchers and institutions active within the scope of your journal(s) included in the campaign
  • Localized messaging through relevant changes including emails, website links and printed literature as appropriate.

China Market R&D Services

Our Research and Development services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We are widely experienced in all aspects of the academic publishing market in this region including changes in Chinese government regulations and policies and how this impacts publishing, in-depth knowledge of copyright law, co-publishing initiatives, sponsorship arrangements, membership services and conference organization. Other areas where we can provide support include, but are not limited to:

  • Regional-specific and sector-specific market analysis and review
  • Brand perception surveys and brand development strategies
  • Price modeling and price point testing
  • Customer segmentation and constituent targeting
  • Local and international competitor analysis
  • Customer based online surveys and phone interviews
  • Advisory board and focus group arrangement and management

We will work with you to scope your requirements and then develop a specific project outline to meet these needs.

China Publishing Services

Our publishing services provide you with the support you need to ensure a successful launch of your journal. Whether you require support with a specific publishing task or undertaking a wider journal-development project, we can manage the process for you. From understanding legal frameworks to developing your Chinese language journal and from editorial support through to distribution of your journal, we can help you to:

  • Understand the regulatory and policy framework – this is a complex area in China with recent rulings on Chinese editions of International publications meaning it is essential a publisher has access to a detailed understanding of the regulations and changing policy frameworks.
  • Establish relationships with Chinese organizations – our long established reputation with Chinese publishers and Societies means we can research and recommend suitable organizations for you to approach, facilitating introductions to the appropriate contacts and manage face to face meetings.
  • Facilitate negotiations and contractual arrangements – with extensive local market experience in contract negotiations, we can facilitate contract negotiations and/or become your third party contracting body, depending on the contract requirements.
  • Manage the ongoing support of your journal – through our full content management facility, we can provide ongoing support of your journal.